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From Volume 44 (2011) APEIRON: a journal for ancient philosophy and science will be published by De Gruyter Inc. De Gruyter is an established and distinguished publisher of books and journals in the humanities, especially in Classics and Philosophy. APEIRON began publication in 1965 in the Department of Classics, Monash University, Australia. It was taken over by APP in 1986. It has been an honour for us to have published APEIRON. We wish it well as it enters the third phase of its existence in the hands of De Gruyter.


APEIRON will continue to be edited by James Hankinson, Professor of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Texas at Austin, and all inquiries on editorial matters should continue to be directed to the Editorial Office in Austin.


All business enquiries except for subscriptions for Volume 44 (2011) and onwards should continue to be directed to Academic Printing and Publishing until December 31st 2010. Thereafter all business enquiries should be directed to De Gruyter at the addresses below.


All enquiries concerning subscriptions for Volume 44 (2011) and onwards should now be directed to De Gruyter at the addresses below.


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 APEIRON publishes high-quality resarch papers in the area of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and science.  The journal is interdisciplinary:  submissions are expected to meet appropriate standards both of classical scholarship and of philosophical insight.  The editor welcomes submissions in any aspect of anicient philosophy and science up to the end of the classical period, roughly the seventh century AC/CE.

Executive Editor    R.J. Hankinson


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